Thursday, 16 September 2010

Troy Hutchins: "1 year ago today..."

As Troy 'Chomper' Hutchins boards the Storeys' Bus to Murray Bridge to help our Bendigo Senior SC at this year's Australian International Pedal Prix, he couldn't help but reflecting what we were up to 1 year ago...

"On this day 2009, 8 primed riders, a few pit crew and an epic trike took a trek to a um, arr, a great town(?). It feels like only yesterday."

Of course this day last year was also the day we bogged our bus!

A number of former Bendigo Youth Racing team members will be about as spectators this weekend.
Most notably Daryl King, who now teaches at Bendigo Senior SC, will be team managing and seeking a win in the Secondary category.

We wish all the teams safe travels to the hallowed track at Murray Bridge and clean, fast and competitive racing... it'd be great to be out there - but we're happy to have hung up the wheels too.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

BY-09 Sold

We're happy to report that our 2009 vehicle: "BY-09 has been sold.
Thanks to those of you who got in touch or spread the word.
We hope it enjoys it's new local home.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

BY-09 : For Sale

We have decided to sell our beloved 2009 Australian International Pedal Prix (AIPP) winning vehicle: 'BY-09'.

Having claimed line honours at the AIPP in 2003, 2004 and 2009, we've decided to hang up the tools and offer other teams a chance to participate in a top class vehicle. We rode this vehicle a total of 1001 kilometres during the interrupted 24-hour event last September.

Prior to purchase, the vehicle will be returned to original pre-race condition including a full strip down inspection with any worn or damaged parts replaced. 
The rebuild will also include a respray in undercoat ready for the next recipient to paint in whatever colour they desire.

The team will also provide a team member to perform pre-race preparation of the vehicle on the Friday night prior to a 24 hour event. 
(ie. AIPP / RACV EB / Wonthaggi)

BY-09 Vehicle Features:
  • Full carbon fibre chassis
  • Full carbon fibre and Kevlar canopy
  • Carbon fibre seat
  • Carbon fibre rollover bars
  • Carbon fibre steering arms
  • Carbon fibre steering linkages
  • SRAM Red Cranks
  • SRAM Red Derailleur
  • SRAM Red Gear shifter (flat bar)
  • Shimano hollow pin chain
  • Shimano Ultegra rear hubs
  • Custom 7075 alloy toothed rollers
  • Custom modified Sturmey Archer backing plates
  • Custom 7075 alloy narrow-spec front hubs
  • 4340 kingpins

Spares package:
  • Rear wheel
  • Two spare fronts
  • King pins
  • Steering Linkages
  • Wind screen
Price: $7,000
Contact: Daryl King
[m] 0400 052 596 [After hours]
[e] king.daryl[at]

Video of BY-09 in Action:

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

CONFIRMED: ‘Furious George’ is NOT ‘BY-09’

Despite plenty of questions in pitlane at the 2009 RACV Energy Breakthrough last month, we’ve now got a picture to answer the question – “Is that BY-09?”

This pic above confirms that Bendigo Youth Racing’s AIPP-winning ‘BY-09’ is a different trike to Bendigo South East SC’s EB-winning ‘Furious George’. It was taken recently at a Bendigo Presentation event.

Bendigo South East (BSE) worked in partnership with us through this year to develop our new canopy shape and chassis. Why?
  • We could share resources & workload
  • It cost both BYR & BSE less money to share the production costs
  • BYR Tech Chief, Daryl King, was also teaching at BSE
  • More people could learn along the way
  • BSE would be able to continue to use the shape into the future
The chassis of Furious George was produced in term 1 this year as a prototype to see if everything (and our riders) would fit for both teams.

“It (Furious George) was built well before BY-09, so I think that says a lot about these students and their design skills.” BSE teacher & BYR Tech Chief Daryl King told me after the EB.

Regular readers of our blog would know that we spent plenty of time trying to produce a front wheel drive vehicle. (Read our post about that) Unfortunately, we had to abandon those plans mid-year.

So, for a crew with one Year 8, two Year 9s and five Year 10s (including a great chick - Bronte) to construct a vehicle of such a high standard, put it on the track in Maryborough and have people think that it was built by us makes me pretty chuffed.

We have to say though 'Furious George' did use BYR's windscreen demister system at Maryborough.

BYR would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.