Wednesday, 23 December 2009

CONFIRMED: ‘Furious George’ is NOT ‘BY-09’

Despite plenty of questions in pitlane at the 2009 RACV Energy Breakthrough last month, we’ve now got a picture to answer the question – “Is that BY-09?”

This pic above confirms that Bendigo Youth Racing’s AIPP-winning ‘BY-09’ is a different trike to Bendigo South East SC’s EB-winning ‘Furious George’. It was taken recently at a Bendigo Presentation event.

Bendigo South East (BSE) worked in partnership with us through this year to develop our new canopy shape and chassis. Why?
  • We could share resources & workload
  • It cost both BYR & BSE less money to share the production costs
  • BYR Tech Chief, Daryl King, was also teaching at BSE
  • More people could learn along the way
  • BSE would be able to continue to use the shape into the future
The chassis of Furious George was produced in term 1 this year as a prototype to see if everything (and our riders) would fit for both teams.

“It (Furious George) was built well before BY-09, so I think that says a lot about these students and their design skills.” BSE teacher & BYR Tech Chief Daryl King told me after the EB.

Regular readers of our blog would know that we spent plenty of time trying to produce a front wheel drive vehicle. (Read our post about that) Unfortunately, we had to abandon those plans mid-year.

So, for a crew with one Year 8, two Year 9s and five Year 10s (including a great chick - Bronte) to construct a vehicle of such a high standard, put it on the track in Maryborough and have people think that it was built by us makes me pretty chuffed.

We have to say though 'Furious George' did use BYR's windscreen demister system at Maryborough.

BYR would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  1. we certainly killed the competition,we were the youngest team entered in the open category no one was expecting furious george to dominate the for the whole race, but we as a team knew we could do it. if only daryl had let me ride furious george round the world hahaha. Rus

  2. domination for shure guys good job i reasonably proud of us all and just wish the we could have finnished but thats how it flows and it was great. W.C lowndzee